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New Studio, New Possibilities

12 October 2020

Wondering how to present your annual AGM whilst there are restrictions in numbers for venues? Wanting to organise an important awards dinner whilst nominees attend remotely across the country (or globe!)?  Then wonder no longer! We’ve been working tirelessly to bring live streamed events to you regardless of where you, or your attendees are located, we’d like to present our new studio space! 

Ready For Action

A studio may bring images of film or television productions with a lead actor performing death-defying jumps out of a helicopter or ninja inspired game shows where contestants have to race across an intense course with long jumps to beat the time. However, you don’t have to worry about having to bring your stunt costume into ours (unless you really want to – we do have a qualified pyrotechnician in house so that would be one way to make your event especially memorable!) 

All The Tech

Stunt suits aside, our studio is more akin to the television news studio, boasting an 80” screen onstage, LED battens, moving lights and high definition studio cameras. It is perfect for a socially distanced AGM, awards ceremony, virtual quiz, or any other event you may have in mind. Outside of the studios stage we provide professional filming equipment, monitors for you to view the feed and your presentations and a high speed connection to allow for a smooth high definition feed to the stream itself. We are also equipped with an all-important selection of tea and coffee to fuel our caffeine addictions!  

Flexible Space

Want more? Or even less? We can repurpose the staging area however you wish, whether that’s removing the main screen or adding in some additional screens, or even reassessing our risk assessments to bring in some of the aforementioned pyrotechnic stunt elements, it’s up to you! 


We’ve plenty of space on stage to keep presenters distanced and have an ample stock of cleaning wipes, sprays and hand gels to allow a clean down of lecterns, microphones and presenters’ hands to keep the space COVID secure.  

Bring The Studio To You

Our studio doesn’t just end at the unit, we’re also set to bring a mobile studio to you! From a simple camera set up with remote stream from a location of your choice, to a full hybrid event with studio and some delegates in one location whilst streaming to multiple locations across the county to the remaining attendees.  


Get In Touch

The sky’s the limit with our studio space and we can’t wait to discuss it with you further; in fact, we’re so pleased with our set up we’d love to show you in person! Get in touch today – we can’t wait to work with you in our exclusive studio space. Who knows, you may even win the ‘workplace Oscar’ after your appearance online! Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0115 946 4194 or by completing our contact form.

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