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Top Tips For Shooting A Green Screen Production

28 August 2020

Thanks to green screen technology, you can place any background image you want behind an actor or item in the foreground. This is extremely helpful if you are producing a film, a promotional video or creating an advertisement and you have a desired background in mind. With a green screen, it’s possible to have any background regardless of where you are and budget limitations. However, a green screen is only effective if it is executed well.

Below, you will find some top tips for using a green screen like a pro. In no time at all, you will have a background that’s impressive and realistic.

How to Use a Green Screen Like a Pro

  1. Think About What You’re Wearing – Anyone being filmed in front of a green screen needs to avoid wearing anything green, including clothing with a hint of green or green hues. This is because anything green will blend into the screen and won’t be visible. You should also avoid shiny fabrics, as these can reflect light and create unwanted flares. When clothing blends into the green screen, it can distort the entire background.
  2. Have Good LightingLighting is one of the most important things to think about when you are using a green screen, as bad lighting can cause shadows and light flares. You should aim to light all parts of the green screen evenly and create a separation between it and the subject.
  3. Choose Good Editing Software – A lot of people underestimate the importance of choosing the right editing software, even though it can have a huge impact on the end result. This is why a lot of users opt to use a professional team for green screen production. By doing so, there is no worry of hard work going to waste with poor editing.
  4. A Flat Green Screen is Key – Any small wrinkle or uneven surface can ruin the effect of a green screen, so having a completely flat green screen is vital. This includes having curved edges, rather than abrupt corners, and ensuring the green screen spans to the edge of the shot.


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