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Taking your event to the next level with projection mapping

14 January 2017

This is the year to ensure your event production inspires and amazes your guests, so you may want to consider projection mapping.

Along with ensuring your brand message gets across, with effective projection mapping, this is the year you can transport your guests into another world and give them an unforgettable experience, and, what that world consists of is entirely up to you, as the only limits are your imagination.

Projection Mapping is Limitless

Unlike clunky sets that can require heavy props, projection mapping is lightweight and does a far better job of generating excitement at your events.

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How does it work?

Projection mapping is achieved by using at least two projectors that then extend a continuous image right across several surfaces. If we take a standard four-walled room as an example, if one projector shows a photo of a wide open landscape onto one wall, people know they are looking at a photograph being projected… it probably feels like I’m stating the obvious. If however, several projectors work in tandem, with the aim of covering all the walls with an unbroken 360-degree image that’s also panoramic, event guests are no longer just looking at a photo of a landscape – they’ve been transported there. This type of reaction is beneficial and very rewarding. It provides an unforgettable event experience, a major high five moment in the event production world.

Dynamic Event Production

Outside of all the technical wizardry, projection mapping gives your event production the added benefit of being dynamic. It gives you the opportunity to refresh and emphasise different messages throughout the duration of the event. Whether you want to alter something subtly or drastically change the content at any given point, projection mapping frees you from static banners and gives you the opportunity to turn your event into a real showcase. If you want something bold like an animated statement, or something more refined like some underpinning whilst a keynote speech is going on, then it’s worth considering all the benefits projection mapping could bring to your event.

It’s easy to change things up too, as when you change the projected content, it can add to the interest levels of your audience and signal a change in the mood. If you want to make things less formal, then you simply change the mode. One button is all it takes, and don’t forget, having projected themes or branding isn’t going to get in the way like a physical set might do.

Stage Connections Projection Mapping Services

Getting the content right

To make sure your event is as successful as possible, it’s worth working with industry professionals to ensure that your content is just right. If you’re working on a large scale project that involves using projectors to blow up imagery onto the size of a building, you’re going to need to make sure that your source material is spot on, and not only that, you will need to make sure that it’s used in the right kind of way. Truly spectacular results can be achieved simply by technical specialists working together with the event organisers to deliver a brief. If you know what world you want to transport your audience to, it’s worth talking to an expert at Stage Connections to ensure your audience gets there.


With the abundance of opportunities that comes with projection mapping your events, you’re going to be given a wealth of chances to inspire your audience. Projection mapping doesn’t just have to be about projecting an image or a brand logo, you can create anything you want. Imagine greeting your guests with an animation such as butterflies dancing along the wall! You can even make projection mapping videos interactive, which adds a whole new dimension to your event. You can create games or mind puzzles for your guests to play along with, and real-life demos if you have a product you want to introduce them to. It’s all about giving you the potential to create an effective, unforgettable event.

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Unlimited potential

Event giants right across the globe are using projection mapping. Whether it’s for large-scale showcases at Universal Studios Singapore or illuminating the Canals of Amsterdam to launch a new Magnum ice cream, projection mapping is incredibly diverse. Its popularity can be put down to the fact that it enables you to create pretty much any visual effect you can think of. If you want something simple like a 3D brand logo, then projection mapping is an easy way to do it.

If you’re after something more complex like taking your audience to outer space on an intergalactic space mission, projection mapping can do that too. Put simply, it can create anything you want, so if you want to give your guests a truly unforgettable experience, you can do it through a well thought-out and executed projection mapping plan. It’s all about impact at the end of the day and giving your guests something they can take away from the event.

If you’re looking for inspiration, then why not talk to us at Stage Connections? We offer professional projection mapping services and have a team of highly skilled audiovisual professionals who will take care of everything your event requires.

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