Lafarge Challenge 2012 at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

Lafarge is the world leader in building materials. For the first time ever, they decided to bring all of their UK employees together to brief them on the financial, health and safety and sustainability performance over the past 12 months and to communicate the business objectives for the forthcoming year.

Lafarge Challenge 2012

Lafarge Challenge 2012

Stage Connections were selected to supply audio visual equipment and support for their live event, held at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.  We also produces videos for the show and assisted with all aspects of the event planning.

Over the course of eight weeks, our film crew visited 15 sites across England and Northern Ireland capturing employee and customer interviews and footage of a variety of work processes. In addition to this we produced 2D and 3D animation sequences and came up with the creative concept for a light-hearted pre-event video based on the Armstrong and Miller Striding Man sketches. The PowerPoint was also designed by Stage Connections in keeping with the event branding.

For the live event, it was decided that a central stage would help to keep all of the audience close to the stage. We designed and built a custom circular stage with built in presenter comfort monitors set to display a combination of the show PowerPoint, videos and presenter prompts. To further focus attention on the centre of the room we custom built a 5 projection screen centrepiece which was suspended above the stage. We utilised a multi-layer video display system to allow us to show the PowerPoint and live video simultaneously via Picture in Picture feature. The live video came from 4 cameras located around the room with an addition camera on a wireless link allowing us to capture close up shots of interactive table sessions. In addition to this we had a photographer capturing still images throughout each day, which were then compiled into a graphic presentation to close the event.

A complex rigging system was designed and built to allow us to fly all the lighting and PA along with screens and projectors within the constraints of a roof with a severely limited load rating. In total we ended up installing around 90 rigging points to suspend over 20 separate truss systems.


See our equipment in use at the Lafarge event:

From initial enquiry to final delivery of the event took less than 12 weeks. In total, Stage Connections employed the skills of over 50 professionals in a variety of areas to complete the job on time and on budget. The event was a massive success, completed without a single technical hitch. The only real issue is how to top it for next time!